So what can I do for you?

Let me print something for you! I'm a printmaker that offers screen printing, letterpress, foil stamping, emboss or deboss, thermography, digital, and offset printing. You can choose from a variety of paper assortments, inks, finishing options, and print methods (not all paper, ink, finishing, and methods go together, so I will customize something for you based on your needs). Finishing options include (but are not limited to) corner rounding, deckling, scoring, folding, perforating (we have an antique perforator!), die cutting, drilling, laser cutting, engraving (plastic/wood), and custom duplexing of papers (a.k.a. laminating, mounting, gluing two papers together). I can easily work directly with clients and their personal designers, however, if you do not have a design, that's no problem at all! I have a team of designers waiting to help.

The prices pretty much run the gamut of cheap to more pricey based on your custom configuration and print method. I am sure I can find something to work with your budget (be it shoe-string or over-flow). Please take a look through the website and contact me with any general questions. If you are looking for a quote please use the online form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My Story

Hey, I'm Chris. I work out of my home studio in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, PA, in the good ole' U.S. of A. It's pretty fantastic because I get to spend quality time with my beautiful wife, Kelsey and my hook tailed cat, Sebastian. Coming up soon we will also be running an Airbnb out of our house!

My knack for unusual entrepreneurship began when I was young. I used to have a 'lemonade' stand, however, instead of lemonade, I would sell a mixture of Kool-Aid and lemonade that I concocted at home (I remember it being quite good actually). Looking back, I made an impact on everyone I sold a cup to because of the alternative and non-traditional beverage that I offered. With Atmosphere Printing Company, I am offering the same alternative and non-traditional style to your prints. I would love to create a variety of flat stock prints for you including (but not limited to), invitations and announcements for special occasions, business cards, posters, stationery, menus, coasters, and packaging. Not only do I want to make sure that you get something awesome, but also something unique and uniquely you. I love playing around with all kinds of inks and stock so if you have a cool idea, I want to hear it and help make it a reality. I will serve you with the same passion and dedication as I did when I was a plucky seven-year-old selling lemonade.

photo credit: Seth Shimkonis

photo credit: Seth Shimkonis